Famara Beach, Magic!

Famara Beach, Magic!


Without a doubt, this is the most spectacular beach in all of Teguise. It begins in the little village of La Caleta de Famara and stretches on for several kilometres right up to the feet of the Risco de Famara cliffs. The sand is clean and fine, with a slightly golden colour. At the rear, the prevailing trade winds have formed some impressive dunes, with very little vegetation, and among their shelter bathers rest under the sun.

It is a beach which tends to have good waves and, despite the fact that it attracts lots of visitors, its large size never lets it feel overcrowded and each person can still feel by themselves in their own dream-like landscape. Famara is the ideal spot for learning or practising water sports such as surfing, bodyboarding, kitesurfing or windsurfing. Another common sight are hang-gliders or paragliders, who launch themselves off the top of the Famara massif in order to glide over this incredible beach.

You could say that there exist two Famaras - one at low tide, and the other at high tide, but both are equally spectacular. At low tide, the sand wins ground over the sea and large shallow pools of still water form on the seashore. It is then when the enormous stretch of wet sand is lit up by the sun and the reflection of the walls of the Risco cliff appear, creating a huge natural mirror, the beauty of which is unmatched. On the other hand, when the tide rises, there are parts of the beach where the sand disappears beneath the sea and the waves reach right up to the callaos (rolling stones), pebbles of volcanic rock worn smooth by the sea’s erosion.

Interesting Facts

Length6000 m
Type of beachwhite sand

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  • Parking

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