Lanzarote’s crafts are extremely varied and here in Teguise they have found a great bastion. Thanks to the market of Villa de Teguise, craftsmen from all over the island come here to show off their work, and many of them have now set up their workshops here. Artisans specialising in ceramics, gold- and silver-smithing, carpentry, and wickerwork are particularly well represented.

If only for their originality, we cannot fail to give another mention to the famous figures of “Los Novios de El Mojón” (The Bride and Groom of El Mojón). These figures, a couple with highly pronounced sexual organs, were traditionally exchanged by couples engaged to be married. The area offers a huge variety of textile creations - calados, encaje (lace), rosetas, knitting, crochet, embroidery and traperas, among other techniques - which are greatly admired both on the island and off of it.

Here in Teguise the famous timples are made. These popular island instruments have a similar form to a ukulele and give a very cheerful, musical sound. Several master craftsmen have their workshops here, which you can visit in order to watch the magic at work.

Us Canarians have a deep respect for our customs and traditions, which shows through in our folklore, or folk tradition. Among the many songs and dances, the folía, the malagueña, the isa and the sorondongo stand out, and form part of almost every fiesta or celebration.

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