The volcanic background and the clear waters make of Lanzarote a coveted destination for divers across the world. There are several spots where snorkel and diving can be practiced in Teguise, but it is in the Chinijo Archipelago where scuba diving lovers will find the most attractive areas.

70,000 ha of deep waters in total suround the Graciosa island, which together with the solid rocks of La Montaña Clara, Alegranza, Roque del Este and the Roque del Oeste make up Europe’s largest Marine reserve, where more tan 228 species live, along with a rich marine flora.

The especial diving magic that these spots have, like the Jameao de Alegranza protected area, where over 200 meters of anchors have created a very particular marine landscape, attract diviers all year round, since the waters are warm, their temperature always around 19 to 22 ºC.

You can query about the professional scuba diving schools in the municipality of Teguise in our section Leisure companies.

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