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Welcome to Lanzarote Art Gallery. Eduardo Fariña Art Collector

Ask questions and give answers, seek the truth, always in pursuit of development and perfection, share that which is good and beautiful: these are the characteristics all geniuses have in common. Lanzarote Art Gallery brings together geniuses and recipients of the art they create. We adore both creators and art lovers. Sensitivity to art is a measure of humanity. Art is what makes us human. One does not have to be rich, well-educated or experienced to love art. You just need to be open, trust your feelings and your senses......allow us to share our passion with you. Love, passion and beauty have neither end nor beginning. They are endless, they are eternal 



Art have become a safe investment. Therefore, it is important to know what we are acquiring and investing in.
Our team of experts will advise you in every aspect related to the art work. Contact us through: consultoria@lanzaroteartgallery.com

Intermediation of Purchase and Sale of Art Works
We value and compare every single piece of art based in our experience. Our teamwork offers objective advice based in the documents and classification of the art collections. Our team has a long career in the private and corporative section.

In Private and Corporate Collections

Private collection

-We manage the purchase and sale of any artwork that is available in the current market.
-Forget the trends and artistic styles of the moment and know which are the works that will be worth in the coming years.
– Being informed will allow you to buy works that you can pay before the price is revalued. Artists already established have very expensive parts and guarantee a long-term profitability.
– The work to be acquired will be part of your home for the next years, so make sure that what you buy is is what matches your lifestyle.
– You can buy several works at the same time, a selected work every several years, request a particular work to your favorite artist ... Each way to collect art is unique and personal and you must find the one that best fits to you.
– We will resolve with the galleries and art dealers all the doubts that may arise during the process of acquiring an anr work. There are different issues such as the origin, its history, information about the artist or his state, which give value to the work and contribute to its enjoyment.

Corporate Collection

-The selection of artworks at the corporate level is a very important decision since the work must reflect the company's most outstanding values, as well as agree with the current decoration of the company.
– The selection of the artwork for a company is basical as it should be the materialization of the company image or some of its most relevant values, as well as be in harmony with the rest of the offices. Also, the work can not cause too much controversy, since its message will be associated with the image of the company and this can cause the loss of clients.
-"For example: If your company is an advanced technology firm located in a loft space with chrome fittings and a structure with exposed ducts, contemporary and abstract artwork may be the best choice for you. In the area of ??the reception of a consolidated law firm, decorated with dark woods and conservative lighting, traditional landscapes, portraiture or still life may be a more appropriate option for this space.
– The commitment to local artists shows their stakeholders the loyalty and gratitude they profess towards their community and usually contributes to the creation of communication bases, suitable for the company.

Track the details and catalog your artwork when purchased by updating the records when necessary. A careful record keeping those data can avoid confusion in the future related to damages, losses and their value.
For more information, please contact us at +34928229369, send an email to info@lanzaroteartgallery.com and we will get in touch with you 

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