Route César Manrique

For all who visit Lanzarote, César Manrique cannot go unnoticed.

He has left some unforgettable creations on the island. Here, to talk of César Manrique is to talk of a symbol. A symbol of a respect for the environment and the defence of this island against overcrowding and the excesses of rampant construction. César Manrique was without a doubt an artist of astounding creativity, but he was also the person who managed to raise awareness among the inhabitants of the island of the importance of caring for and protecting Lanzarote, and it will be this that is remembered as his greatest legacy.

The brilliant artist who created the Lanzarote Art, Culture and Tourism Centres also collaborated in many other, less well-known projects. In this section, we highlight those places within the municipality of Teguise where Manrique left his mark.

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  • Cactus Garden

    The Cactus Garden is in the town of Guatiza, and it is one of the seven Centres of Art, Culture and Tourism of Lanzarote. it opened...

  • César Manrique Foundation

    In Tahíche is the Cesar Manrique Foundation, which deals with preserving, studying and disseminating the work of the artist.

  • Hotel Gran Meliá Salinas

    The verdant, utopian and restful Gran Meliá Salinas dwells in the heart of the beautiful Costa Teguise village. Guests at this...

  • Pueblo Marinero

    While it can not be attributed solely to the design of César Manrique "The Old Town", we can confirm their collaboration in the...