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La Lambra
Following the route eastwards, after Pedro Barba we find the beach of La Lambra. DANGEROUS BEACH- WAVES AND CURRENTS

El Salado
The Salado is the closest beach to Caleta de Sebo. El Risco de Famara continues this by offering a spectacular view.

La Francesa
If we continue travelling around the edge of the Graciosa island, after the Yellow Mountain (Montaña Amarilla) we come across the extensive Playa de la Francesa.

Las Conchas
This is probably the most spectacular beach of them all. Situated on the north of the island and flanked by the imposing Montaña Bermeja, it is an idyllic place.

La Cocina
To the west of the island is the Montaña Amarilla (Yellow Mountain) which gets its name from the yellowish shades of the calcalreous material that it is made from.

La Laja
Once inside the town of Caleta de Sebo, we find the little beach of La Laja.


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