Teguise Gastronomy

Teguise Gastronomy

Lanzarote’s cuisine, like that of the Canary Islands as a whole, is characterised by simple food made using top-quality ingredients. There are many places in Teguise to enjoy some really excellent food, be it traditional cooking or avant-garde signature cuisine.

From the typical Lanzarote cuisine, we recommend the following dishes:

The caldo de pescado (fish soup) or the tasty caldo de millo (corn soup). For the fish soup, species such as grouper, dentex, and sea bream tend to be used, among others. As well as corn, the caldo of millo contains various vegetables and a sprinkling of coriander.

Gofio flour is used throughout the Canary Islands archipelago. It is toasted ground corn, wheat, barley or a mixture of cereals. It can be used in different ways, such as kneaded into a dough with water and salt, with honey, or diluted in stock, stews or milk. Gofio is a key ingredient of the Canarian diet, and is even used to prepare ice-creams, cream, sorbets and mousses.

Of all of the stews in our cuisine, the sancocho is without a doubt the most typical one. This stew is made from salted fish, potatoes and sweet potatoes, and is served with a spoonful of gofio dough and the ever-present mojo sauce. The type of fish used can vary, but the most suitable is usually wreckfish or grouper.

The most famous sauce of the Canarian kitchen is mojo, and it comes in many different varieties. The most famous of these are mojo rojo (red) and mojo verde (green). The first is made from tomatoes, red pepper and paprika, and is normally slightly more spicy. The green variety uses coriander and garlic, along with oil and vinegar.

Cabrito or baifo meat (pork) is another common dish in Lanzarote’s cuisine, and is prepared in many different ways: fried, marinated, roast or in salmorejo (similar to gazpacho soup).

Fresh fish is one of the Canary Islands’ best quality products: sardines, comber, tuna, sea bream, dentex, grouper, filefish, meagre, wreckfish, parrotfish, etc. The most common way to cook fish is grilled, split open, with garlic and parsley, and accompanied by mojo sauces and papas arrugadas.

The best-known shellfish here are the lapas (limpets). The most frequent way to prepare these delicious molluscs is on the grill, drizzled with green mojo sauce. Less common are the clacas, but they are, without a doubt, the native shellfish with the most pronounced sea flavour.

Canarian cuisine offers many different types of potaje (stew), including those with lentils, arvejas (peas), watercress, chickpeas, and vegetables.

Teguise also produces a delicious goats’ milk cheese, which, depending on the degree to which it is cured, can be soft, semi-cured or cured.

The wine of Lanzarote is of a high quality and has its own appellation of origin. In La Geria, the locals learned how to tackle the volcano and overcome the obstacles of the strong winds and lack of water by coming up with a highly original way to plant the vines. Buried in deep holes, covered with volcanic ash and protected from the wind by little hand-made stone zocos, the vine stocks grow and produce a Malvasia grape with a distinct, unique flavour.

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