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Olita "Trek&Bike" is a small firm concerned with walking excursions and mountain bike rides all over Spain. As a main target Olita wants to associate sport to discovering nature, culture and local habits.

Olita offers guided programs on a half day, full day or a whole week basis; self guided walks and rides, or "a la carte" programs. They are focused to all people wishing to get to know, walking or pedalling, some of the most overwhelming landscapes of the Canary Islands.

We want to develop a high quality active and responsible tourism. We are betting for the environmental respect and the maintenance of the local habits and traditions. That is the spirit of Olita in the building of its programs and circuits.

Come to Olita to discover the history, the geology and the flora and fauna of Lanzarote.
Lanzarote is certainly the most surprising island of the Canary archipelago. Volcanoes and the sea have brought out landscapes where colours and shapes from the recent but extinct eruptions are still kept. The black and red of the lava contrast with the white of the houses and the deep blue of the sky and sea.

The climate allows wandering in the country the whole year round. It really invites you to discover craters and lava fields, the coast, creeks and beaches, crops on volcanic ash, etc.

Olita"Trek & Bike" offers different circuits to get to know the island. You can cross, walking or pedalling, lava seas, rough sea shores, lonely beaches, vines that grow on volcanic material. No question about the discovery of the geology, flora and fauna of the island.

Walks or rides have an easy grade and take from 3 to 5 hours to complete.
Half day and full day guided walking tours.

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