In the municipality of Teguise you will have the opportunity to find unique places. Vera everything you need to know about Teguise, going from town to town, see the great variety of beaches and activities to be done.

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  • Nazaret

    Leaving the Villa de Teguise, heading to Arrecife, we find small towns with charm. The first one is Nazareth.

  • Our peoples and traditions

    The Royal Villa of Teguise is the heart of the town and because of its historical legacy has been declared a historical and artistic...

  • Soo

    Soo is the main town west of the town of Teguise and belongs to the Natural Park of Chinijo.

  • Tahiche

    The lava flow from the eruptions of 1730 and 1736, which runs around the town of Tahiche, is absolutely spectacular.

  • Tao

    Tao is an aborigine name meaning fortress. In spring, the mountain of Tamia is normally covered by tiny little flowers and its...

  • Teseguite

    Teseguite is a small village where peace and quiet breathing. Its flowery fields in spring or simply dropped four drops of rain...

  • Tiagua

    Tiagua does not have too many buildings, is very well kept and the locals are very friendly and hospitable.